Holidays in villas in Greece in 2023

Greece is a hospitable country, open to tourists from all over the world. On the sunny coast of Hellas, you can spend your unforgettable summer vacation, enjoying the bright sun and gentle sea.


In order for the holidays to really bring pleasure from the first days of your stay in Greece, you should take care in advance about choosing accommodation for the duration of your vacation. The Greek real estate market has a lot of offers for renting apartments, both in the city and in the suburbs. A summer vacation in 2023 in a city apartment in the capital is unlikely to bring vivid impressions of Greece. To enjoy the beauty of nature, to feel the pleasant Greek climate, the best option are villas in Greece on the seashore or somewhere outside the city.

What is a luxury villa and how is it different from a normal holiday home booking?

Such a villa is usually a more prestigious residence with services such as regular cleaning and concierge service, breakfast service and private beach care. The villa can provide additional staff, such as a chef, butler, maid, nanny, security, tutors, trainer and even animal care specialists, etc.


It is much more profitable for travelers to book luxury villas in Greece with private pool, rather than high-class hotels. But why?


At least, because the villas provide significantly more living space than a regular hotel room. And incomparably more privacy with stand-alone amenities such as large private pools, eliminating the need to use the hotel/resort’s shared pool. Also, such sought-after resort amenities as a privately equipped beach in seaside villas, a SPA zone, a beautiful large garden, a variety of view terraces with summer furniture.


In general, villas are an excellent option for high-profile guests, celebrities, as the fenced private area, with video surveillance and private security, ensures maximum privacy and, of course, security. Famous people can relax by the pool and on the terraces without fear of being photographed or disturbed by other guests or members of the staff.


Those arriving on a private plane are greeted at the door of the aircraft and delivered by VIP transfer to the door of the villa, allowing for a completely anonymous vacation.

What is a typical villa in Greece in 2023?

The quality of the stay can vary greatly, depending on the services included in the price of the property owner, as well as the quality of management. At most villas in Greece, clients are guaranteed to receive non-stop support throughout the entire process, from choosing and booking a villa, to planning a stay, purchasing any food and drinks, arranging transfers, etc.


After, serving the needs of guests, providing chef and butler services, the restaurant 

reservations, music and fireworks for celebrations, arranging visits to doctors (for example, blood draws) or doctors, massages, photo shoots, elaborate birthday cakes … everything guests wish!


Often, a transfer is also organized upon arrival, and one of the concierges meets guests along with the villa staff, so that guests can comfortably navigate upon arrival at the house. Guests can also walk around the entire perimeter of the mansion and grounds with the villa host to achieve a complete understanding of all aspects. But this is not necessary at all. Tourists can immediately enjoy homemade moussaka, Greek salad or welcome cocktails.

It is worth saying that the most popular destinations for booking luxury villas in Greece are:

  • Corfu

  • Mykonos

  • Paros

  • Chalkidiki

  • Create

  • Zakynthos

  • Skiathos

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