Explore the Best of Phuket Travel Attractions

Explore the Best of Phuket Travel Attractions

No matter your interests – nature lovers, animal advocates, foodies or thrill-seekers all can find something interesting in Phuket – be it visiting one of Thailand’s largest aquariums or adding some quirky photos to Instagram from the Phuket 3D Museum!

Phuket’s historic quarter stands in stark contrast to the beach-packed hedonism found elsewhere, featuring boutique shops and an active market. Transportation to the area is simple with Cathay Pacific flights

Mangrove forests

Phuket’s mangrove forests are an invaluable natural reservoir of biodiversity and provide essential ecosystem services, including storm protection, soil erosion prevention, water quality improvement and carbon storage. Furthermore, these mangrove forests serve as natural barriers against tsunamis and flooding damage and offer shelter to herons and egrets among other forms of wildlife.

One of the best ways to appreciate the splendor of a tropical rainforest is with a guided kayak tour. This adventure involves an educational trek through its roots, with stops along the way for watching and listening out for wildlife such as birds or exotic insects that live there – providing you with an entirely new view.

Tha Chat Chai Marine National Park Research offers visitors an exciting way to learn about the ecosystem of a mangrove forest in northern Phuket. As part of its community-based tourism project, visitors can paddle through this thick mangrove forest while hearing all about its history from an experienced guide. In addition, its wetlands host herons, egrets and crabs – offering visitors an unforgettable experience!

Rang Hill is an idyllic scenic viewpoint on Phuket’s northern side that provides spectacular views of picturesque hillsides, greenish seas, and an exquisite Buddha statue. This site is often visited for breathtaking sunset views over Phuket Bay.

Wat Phra Thong Temple is one of Phuket’s most visited landmarks and is often described as its crowning glory. Home to two highly esteemed monks and featuring an intricate half-statue of Buddha, its interior boasts intricate carvings while there’s even an on-site museum dedicated to historical artifacts on display here.

Toe Sae Hill

Phuket offers something for everyone: relaxing on its stunning beaches, thrill-seeking at watersports events, cultural and culinary exploration or nightlife excitement. But to truly appreciate all it has to offer, the best way to see this captivating island is through exploring its many attractions.

Elephant sanctuaries in Phuket are one of the best ways to experience nature close up while also helping these majestic pachyderms live safely. Make sure your research pays off, choosing an ethical company like Phuket Elephant Sanctuary or Tree Tops Elephant Reserve (note: fake sanctuaries that charge for bathing!) for this experience.

Monkey Hill or more specifically the Khao Rang Viewpoint provides breathtaking panoramic vistas over Bangkok and its surrounding islands, such as seeing Big Buddha as well as some of the hillside temples and shrines dotted around. From here you can even spot Big Buddha.

Peranakan Phuket Museum on Thalang Road provides an enjoyable alternative to other tourist museums in town, with its charming use of trompe-l’il techniques that place visitors in humorous situations resulting in some truly astounding photographs.

Hanuman World Phuket provides an exciting yet safe jungle-flying adventure perfect for experiencing Phuket’s beauty, featuring thrilling yet sedate ziplining park adventures that offer great thrills at any pace, along with an optional wilderness walk that allows visitors to traverse its canopy at their own leisurely pace.

Another must-see experience is the internationally-acclaimed Simon Cabaret show. Billed as Thailand’s premier ladyboy show, it promises an unforgettable experience for visitors.


Phuket is an idyllic island destination, boasting beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. However, many visitors often forget about its scenic waterfalls which provide a relaxing respite away from beachfront crowds and noise. Set within its lush jungle surroundings, these waterfalls make an excellent way to disconnect and experience nature without crowds or noise.

Bang Pae and Ton Sai are two of Phuket’s premier waterfalls, frequently visited by locals on weekends for refreshing swims in their cooling waters and picnicking opportunities – both popular activities in Thailand.

Phuket’s waterfalls may not be as impressive as those found elsewhere, but they still make for an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon away from city life. These waterfalls typically consist of small streams with waterfalls dropping off a few metres, making for enjoyable visits if your expectations don’t set too high.

Kathu Waterfall in Phuket is one of the most striking waterfalls, featuring a series of drop pools and being an attractive swimming spot. Although the path leading up to it may be challenging, the end result makes it well worth your while!

If you want to avoid crowds at waterfalls, the rainy season from May to October is the optimal time. Water levels are abundant and beautiful waterfalls flourishing all around. Plus, this is also when exotic wildlife in forests may be more easily observed!


Thailand’s spiritual side can best be experienced at one of its temples – mostly Buddhist but you may also encounter Chinese shrines due to long history of Chinese immigration on its shores.

Wat Chalong is one of the city’s best-known temples, dedicated to two revered monks of all time. Its primary feature is an amazing reclining Buddha that’s both beautiful and humbling; take some time to explore this religious site for yourself – be sure to climb to the top of its pagoda for panoramic views; caretakers here may offer additional insights into its significance!

Wat Suwan Kuha is another must-see temple, housing an amazing golden Buddha inside its hidden cave. Locals love coming here to spend time and meditate, particularly at sunset when its peaceful atmosphere truly comes into effect.

Jui Tui Shrine is an integral part of Phuket’s Chinese heritage and its principal deity is Tean Hu Huan Soy – a Taoist god of artists and dancers – making the Jui Tui Shrine one of Phuket’s premier attractions for fortune telling! Simply shake a bamboo cup until a fortune stick falls out and it will tell your fortune!

Karon Viewpoint offers breathtaking panoramic views over Phuket’s landscape – you may even catch sight of islands off in the distance on a clear day! Alternatively, take a helicopter ride and admire Phang Nga Bay from above!


Phuket Markets are an absolute must for shoppers who love vibrant environments. Though most stalls sell clothing and accessories, a few offer food and drinks as well. Phuket Weekend Market is perhaps most well known; here visitors can find local produce as well as unique artisan pieces. Boat Avenue also provides plenty of restaurants and bars.

Phuket Zoo is an incredible attraction for animal enthusiasts and botanical garden enthusiasts, boasting exotic animals from across the globe and beautiful botanical gardens. Not only can visitors learn about local culture and history here; there are also frequent shows featuring these creatures!

Phuket boasts many natural attractions, including Promthep Cape – an idyllic spot for watching sunset and offering breathtaking sea views – and Bang Pae Waterfall, considered one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Thailand; best visited during wet season when its rock pools fill with water and its jungle surroundings look their greenest.

Parasailing is an exciting activity to try in Phuket if you’re seeking some adventure. Multiple beaches in the area provide this service and equipment rentals can cost approximately 2,000 baht per session.

Phuket boasts numerous night markets offering clothing, jewellery and souvenirs. The Naka Weekend Market is ideal for people who don’t enjoy shopping during the heat of the day while the Indy Market near the old section of town opened recently in 2010; it has since become very popular among teenagers and kids, being smoke free while offering lots of artsy things.