TOP-7 Beaches in Paros for You to Visit

If you’ve never been to Paros, you haven’t seen Greece! Its nature is so beautiful, you won’t want to leave. Especially when you choose one of the best beaches in the area and step on the soft, warm sand.

There are numerous beaches to pick from. So, to help you out, we’ve decided to review some of the most gorgeous sandy locations in Paros.

Here are the TOP-7 Paros beaches!

Kolymbithres Beach

Kolymbithres is the most famous beach everyone has to see at least once. Its geology is very ancient and unique, creating an almost unearthly scenery. The rocks here are millions of years old.

It’s located near the main road, so you don’t have to go far away to find such beauty.

Ai Yannis Beach

When you walk out of your Paros luxury villa, you may need quietness and serenity. The Ai Yannis beach represents just that. Everyone going to Paros to sort thoughts out while having a rest aim for this location for at least one day. 

This is a very organized beach with a romantic hue.

And if you need more active time-spending than looking at gorgeous green waters, there are moonlight concerts, cinema, and more activities in the evening just near the beach.

Santa Maria Beach

In case you love windsurfing, this is the place for you. On Santa Maria beach, you’ll find opportunities for scuba-diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, etc. And if you’re looking for a more relaxed day, there are lots of restaurants and bars to facilitate that.

Golden Beach

Chrissi Akti (golden coast) is called so for a reason. Here, you will find some of the most golden, soft, warm sand and clear waters. But it attracts tourists for another reason as well. The Windsurfing World Championship takes place here, gathering enthusiasts all around the globe!

Molos Beach

If you’re looking for a beach without loud bars and sports, Molos is the way to go. It’s one of the most peaceful Paros beaches, where you can be alone with nature. And if you get hungry, there are local taverns nearby that will immerse you in the atmosphere of the island.

Ambelas Beach

In case you want to go further, there’s a great and cozy fishing village of Ambelas with a calm local beach. Those who want to unite with the culture often choose this destination as a part of their journey.

Piperi Beach

If you don’t like traveling a lot to reach the beach, go to Piperi. It has a great view of the town and you don’t need any kind of special transport to get there unless you live in a remote village.

The choice of a beach determines a lot. You can go somewhere where it’s windy and there are stones instead of soft sand. While some people will like it, you may not. So, looking for a warm, soft sandy beach is a must!

By the way, another must-do is to book a luxury villa for you and your family, friend, or partner to make this time even more pleasant. Imagine coming back from the beach into a clean, well-designed villa where you want to take a picture of every corner.

Sounds like a place we’d love to stay in!

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