5 Things to Bring Camping in Canada

5 Things to Bring Camping in Canada

If you’re just entering the world of camping, the options for gear can be overwhelming. From tents to tarps to hammocks, the choices will seem endless. Although it might be hard to figure out where to start, here are a few items that you should never leave the house without when you’re heading out on a camping trip.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

The camping clothing Canada residents bring on a trip with them will depend on the season. You’ll want to have thermal underwear, warm pants, thermal socks, and warm outer layers in the colder months. In the summer, you can pack a bit lighter with a few t-shirts and jeans.

The Right Tent

When choosing a tent, pick one that is large enough for the number of people using it. You’ll also need a groundsheet to protect your tent’s floor and a tarp that you can use as shelter during the day in case it rains.

Comfort Items

A sleeping bag, pillow, and air mattress are all items that will help make camping an enjoyable experience. You can purchase an air mattress that self-inflates, which will save you the hassle of carrying a bulky air compressor.


Although part of the fun of camping is finding firewood, it can’t hurt to have a supply of kindling on hand just in case you can’t find enough at your site. Fatwood, dry sticks, and even dryer lint are great options for kindling that you can bring with you. And, except for the dryer lint, you can leave whatever you don’t use behind.


Flashlights, lanterns, and, most importantly, extra batteries are a must on any camping trip. The last thing you want is to be stumbling around in the dark late at night when you’re trying to get to the restroom.

Camping can be a fun activity, but it will only be enjoyable if you bring the right gear. Use this list as a starting point for when you pack for your first camping adventure.

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