Book your summer 2023 Mykonos villa

Mykonos is the most famous Greek island in the Aegean Sea. This feature is explained by its geographical position: the island is located at the intersection of all the main sea routes of the Aegean Sea. Hence the multinational flavor of Mykonos and its incredibly cheerful disposition: the nightlife, which is the hallmark of the island, does not stop here for a minute, and the discos and clubs are the best in Greece.


This unique Greek island is the epitome of the Cyclades: snow-white houses, windmills, many churches, a picturesque harbor with colorful fishing boats and luxury yachts, as well as the deep azure Aegean Sea.


Thanks to the winds, there is no heat in summer and the weather is very favorable for relaxing on the sea.

Where is the best place to stay in Mykonos?

Since Mykonos is a popular tourist destination, you can rent a luxury villa with a private swimming pool, gym or even private outdoor or indoor jacuzzi, overlooking the sea.


Villas in Mykonos are in high demand because what better way to have your own villa with access to the sea? Mykonian luxury villas are a real paradise for travelers. You can choose a villa based on your taste and budget. Each villa on the island is equipped with everything you need for your comfort. Is it really cool if you can walk to the beach early in the morning in just 5 minutes?


There are also villas of different sizes. If you are traveling with children, a large family villa with several rooms will suit you.

What beaches are worth visiting on Mykonos?

On Mykonos, you can find a huge number of sandy and pebble beaches. The list of the most popular includes the following:

  • Paradise is a beautiful beach where the fun almost never stops. It is here that one of the largest open-air nightclubs operates, music constantly play, and young people hang out. During the day you can enjoy water sports such as diving and surfing.

  • Paraga is also a favorite beach for sunbathers. Conventionally, its territory can be divided into two parts: quiet – in the wild – and noisy, but also more comfortable. In the summer, there are constantly flying parties at the Kahlua Beach Bar.

  • Platis Gialos and Psarou are in close proximity to each other. Comfortable conditions for recreation have been created here: many cafes and restaurants, a diving center, picturesque nature, etc.

Get ready for the crazy nightlife!

Admit it right away – this is one of the main reasons you chose Mykonos for your summer vacation! And this is the right choice. Whether you prefer sparkling cocktails or refreshing wine, Mykonos is waiting for you with open arms.

Some places have already become symbols of the island’s nightlife. Others attract by their unusual style. But everywhere, there is an open area or even a stage where you can feel like a real star. With the sunset, dance rhythms will take you to a different space until the dead of night!